Ask about the center’s health policy.
Ask about teacher turnover.
Ask about the teacher to student ratios.
Ask about discipline policies.
Ask about teacher qualifications.
Ask about the meals and if they are offered.
Ask about the curriculum.
Ask how they engage children on their first day to minimize separation anxiety.
Ask about the student pick-up guidelines and how the center will ensure the safety of your child.

Ask to see the older classrooms. You should feel good with every room your child will eventually graduate into. Seeing the older classrooms should leave you feeling confident that you picked the best facility for your child’s growth and development.


These are some questions you could ask the director. You can also ask anything else that would be about your family. No tour guide should hurry you along. This is one of the most important things you will ever decide. Make sure that all of your questions and worries are answered before the tour ends.

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