North East Einstein’s has installed a state of the art monitoring system for families on Windows computers as well as on their smartphone. The facility cameras allow you to watch live video of your child learning, playing, and interacting with other children in the center.

Webcam security is Lela’s number one priority.

The service implements 128-bit encryption and a multi-layer security process to prevent unauthorized access to our daycare cameras. In addition, room-level permissions are added to each user, ensuring that users are limited to which cameras they have access to. Essentially, the web camera service extends our own open door policy; the same parents and/or guardians that can physically stop in during the day to watch a class are given web camera access to watch their child online. The website access makes “dropping in” much more convenient.

If you are interested in our secured-monitoring system, you can sign up with your center director at enrollment. You can always add this service later if it is not something you are interested in. This service can also be canceled at any time.

Lastly, we also have an accountability program where each director has full access of every classroom at all times. In addition to that, our Executive Director has full access to every center/every classroom 24/7. This accountability practice is important to North East’ Einstein’s as an extra level of security. Although our staffing professionals are absolutely amazing, they too understand the importance of being monitored at all times.

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